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MEDAL DESIGN CONTEST:  In order to provide a "brand" and an "identity" for Montana Judo competitions, Montana Judo is sponsoring a medal design competition. The concept is to provide, for those tournament directors interested, a high quality, distinctive medal promoting Montana Judo. These would be custom medals, generally 3.5 inches in diameter. The design can be circular, square, or some other shape. It can be multiple colors. The design should 1) be distinctive, 2) offer an appropriate recognition to the medal winner in the events, and 3) commemorate Montana Judo.  For more information or for submissions, contact Montana Judo Inc.

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT: If anyone has photographs of Montana Judo, club activities, indiviuduals, etc to put in the slide show on the opening page of the Montana Judo Inc website, please forward them to Montana Judo Inc.. We'd like to use them to promote MONTANA JUDO!


Contact: Montana Judo Inc.